Materials and techniques

The stones we work with have a raw and powerful beauty. They are often typical of a region or a land and their use, from villages to cities, tells the story of our built heritage.

Our Gers stone quarry

Located in Biran, we are the last active limestone quarry in the Gers that is capable of extracting this local stone, a distinctive feature of our department. Its density and appearance make it possible to achieve identical renovations to existing buildings.

Its harmonious light yellow ochre hue marbled with chalky white makes buildings both light and warm, like the Gers.

Pierre du Gers

Gers stone

Aurignac sand

Stones and sands

We use different sands of different colours and grain sizes to make our own mortars and to adapt to existing buildings. We carry out suitability tests. 

Obviously, we work with Biran stone, Gers limestone par excellence, but we adapt according to the different locations. We are therefore led to work with sandstone, limestone, marble stones, etc.

Estang sand

Garonne sand

Fine Landes sand

Lexos sand


We can lay different floors in natural materials, such as terracotta tiles, paving or natural stone paving either on screed with mortar or on concrete paving with glue.

Terracotta floor

Terracotta floor and Gers stone

Hexagonal tile floor

Cobblestone floor

Stone paving floor

Cobblestones laid edgewise

Pointed diagonal edge bricks

Repointed old traditional Toulouse brick

Traditional Toulouse brick with etching


The wall frame can be made of coursed stone, mine-run rubble stone, old or new traditional Toulouse brick, but always with a manual finish.

The joints and coatings are made with lime mortar, and the finish offered always adapted to the customer’s requests and to the building to be restored.

Traditional Toulouse brick wall with stone frame, repointed with lime mortar

Plastering/rendering with false joints (drawn with lime whitewash)

Brushed plastering/rendering

Levelled plastering/rendering with whitewash

Trowelled plastering/rendering for a rustic effect

Faux-stone plastering/rendering

Smooth finish plastering/rendering

Exposed-stone plastering/rendering