Our professions

To respond with the same requirement to the projects of individuals, local authorities and the State, we have set up professional construction and restoration teams that are capable of completing different kinds of construction sites successfully.
Working stone remains at the heart of our professional as well as traditional masonry.


Our professional is very similar to artistic craftsmanship in terms of the training, know-how and skills it requires.

Stone carvers use the same tools and practices initiated by our ancestors. They work with elements that will be used for the building’s structure, even if they are decorative. The second aspect of their work is carried out on site with the formwork and shoring necessary for laying the stones.



Our masons are expert craftsmen in their field. They take part in the restoration of old buildings or construction on your sites with local materials. They can carry out structural works and also provide finishing work such as traditional lime plastering and rendering, patina, etc.


SGRP offers a complete masonry service:
Always mindful of the building and the aesthetic choice, we favour discreet restorations by preserving and recovering the existing works and materials when possible.

  • Traditional lime masonry (stone or brick)
  • Rubble or coursed stone masonry
  • Creation of apertures for the integration into the existing structure
  • Exterior walls and gate pillars
  • Wall consolidation or structural reinforcement
  • Genose construction (old tiles and terracotta tiles)
  • Demolition, clearing of ruined structures, etc…
  • Insulation, rendering/plastering and screed, lime/hemp


We take particular care in the application of coatings, whether they are new, remedies or recoveries on existing coatings, with etchings for harmonization. We carry out the lime plastering and rendering ourselves, with different sands depending on the desired grain and colour. Research with regard to colour, grain and finish is essential to best adapt to what is already in place.
Different techniques are adapted to the desired finish. It is also possible to make exposed-stone plastering and renderings when the facing allows it or repointing on “foraine” bricks [traditional Toulouse brick] and coursed stone. Lime-wash or etchings can also be offered as a finish.


We offer several finishes for both indoor and outdoor floors with laying on screed with lime mortar or glue depending on your project:

  • Stone paving
  • Paving
  • Stone tiles and cabochons (or marble and cabochons), salvaged or new terracotta with manual finish
  • Calcareous stabilised flooring, etc…
  • Cobblestones laid edgewise
  • Natural stone paving